Madeline Bm

Thank you Clare. My sessions with you have given not just me, but my child, and my Husband great support and relief from Hip, shoulder and neck pain, and the release of stress of relationship changes with work and family.

Your therapies have seen me through the preparation of getting this body and mind ready for the birth of my son. My 3rd delivery, but a much less anxious one, than the previous experiences. I love the nurturing support I feel, through your great sensitivity, your healing touch, and  the straightforward clear manner in which you communicate. I feel I have been continually given exactly what I needed with every session and through the beautiful oil blends you have made up for me, I experience continued clarity long after the session and continue to place my prescription blend on every day.

I especially love the amazing effect of the endocrine balance, I am aware it is done to rebalance my hormones and alleviate the depressive stressed feelings I have had, but I just love the feeling of such deep calmness, my body feeling absolutely nothing, and I have no clue where my mind goes,…it's just in a completely deeply relaxed state, so much so that every time I have a session, I go into such a beautiful deep sleep, I don't want to move, or get of the table at the end of the session. It is a WOW feeling.   

I have continued to seek Clares skills and knowledge of healing when needed, addressing any health issues arising in myself and in my family.  

Clare has taught me how to do baby reflex points for my child to calm him, pressing points, specific to him and his need, to bring more contentment and help him sleep and drink more slowly, instead of gulping and demanding to be fed every hour. I had become so fatigued, with mental fog and lots of anger arising. All this was addressed in my sessions. I am still working on the fatigue levels as it relates directly to digestive issues, it is a source of my fatigue, low nourishment of the body..

My digestive system is always a regular topic of discussion and its inability to digest new greater levels of nourishment, this is slowly being cleared. We have addressed several of the sources affecting this major system but the liver function and endocrine function are still yet to receive the changes in chemistry they need,  as there are other areas that are still being worked on.

I do not regard myself as a really patient person and yes I do still get impatient at times, but know this is a process. I do feel I am less angry and irritated these days though.  

I recognise Change is happening as best as I can cope with it, and I can say that I have definitely changed. I feel much more self empowered, and am more self disciplined. and feel more confidence as I become more aware of what my body is telling me. I am definitely becoming more self aware.

I would and do regularly recommend Natural Health Therapy and Clare`s skillful rendering of balance, self empowerment and healing through the knowledge she has, the sensitivity and gentleness of giving what is needed to each individual person.

I am happy to give the highest recommendation.


Madeline Bm