Kate B

Initially when attended my first session with Clare for Pregnancy and birthing preparation, I had absolutely no idea what to expect.

This is my first pregnancy and my first experience of Natural Health Therapy Reflexology massage.  Although I feel I am open minded, I was a little bit nervous, however started to relax as the first session progressed.

Clare investigated the anxieties she found held in the nerves of my stomach area, associated with motherhood and childbirth. These included some mild fear around childbirth which expressed itself as anxiety about my partner responsibility and being in attendance when I went into labour. I was able to recognise and clear the fear I had that I did not wish to do it alone. There were fears surrounding parenting, this baby and what it entails, as well as the life changes it would involve around work. I love my work and sharing with others at work.

Throughout the pregnancy we continued sessions, working through these fears to the point where I felt very, very relaxed about the current changes and accepting of the large singular change to occur with birthing of my baby. I often left the session exhausted however, because of the highly anxious state I would arrive in, on one occasion, upon leaving the clinic I felt so elated, so Joyful, so peaceful, to the point,  I was unable to actually sleep well that night. The body can do such strange but wonderful things, in its clearing processes.

I experienced many sensations after the individual sessions, including sweats, muscle pains, fatigue, itchiness and sore feet, all of theses being symptoms of letting go and transforming what was in the body, causing a  temporary uncomfortableness, of a sense of loss at not having the recognisable constant state of anxiousness. It was my familiar companion, but I wanted to clear this for my baby’s sake.

I now have a confidence, a quiet, calm acceptance and a willingness in letting go the things stored as pain, worries or anxiousness in this body, especially around birthing and sharing my life.

I must say, I feel much better for having had the sessions with Clare. I actually feel like a different person compared to the women that walked into the clinic 13 weeks ago.

I feel relaxed, and much more calm, and I now recognise the great inner strength I have, I have what it takes to carry out childbirth and motherhood having cleared this major fear of doing it all on my own. I would definitely recommend Natural Health Therapy and Clare’s skill and sensitivity in treatments to women that are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, especially if they have any worries or concerns.

With great thanks

Kate B