Andrea Norton

My name is Andrea Norton and I am a Personal Trainer and run my own Fitness business.  I am very into Natural health modalities and I believe in nourishing and treating my body and mind with drug-free options for optimal health.

I received treatments from Clare Nott, during my pregnancy. My experience with Clare and her limitless knowledge and skill have been paramount expanding my awareness in my experience of this my first pregnancy, and wanting it to be both physically and mentally free of stress. Each session supporting me being calm, confident and more valuing of my body's needs and teaching me to listen more to what my body was telling me, I understand better what I was experiencing as energy shifts and imbalances arising as tension..

Any issue I was experiencing with my body was always relieved with a few day or it completely dissipated during the session.  I continued to feel and experience the positive results of each session for days after and I love how I am not only clearing my negative responses and effects from past experiences, but ensuring these thoughts and impressions aren’t passed on to my baby as it grows inside me.

My appointments with Clare really took my self-care to the next level. As someone who visits the chiropractor frequently and leads an active lifestyle going to the gym, I have predominately in the past, been solely focused on skeletal and muscle issues for any pain I experienced.  

By tapping into my body`s responses and the corresponding mental emotion responses,  I have developed a better understanding of why there is a pain, and not run away from it or ignore it. I was then able to experience the release of the toxic energy within the tissue, that was representative of what I had been holding on too. I was able to completely change a negative attitude to one that is beneficial to my well being, reflecting better health.

This has completely given me a new perspective on my health and my unborn baby’s health for the importance of my sessions with Clare, from discussing  my current experiences, to the uniquely selected aromatherapy oils to treat the presenting aliments, to her amazing techniques, always structured to treat the source of my symptoms, I leave feeling truly amazing, so calm, deeply relaxed with a greater Self confidence.

I cannot express how invaluable my sessions with Clare have been, in supporting my health and my baby`s.  I absolutely crave her knowledge, wisdom and healing touch. I also am very excited to have Clare’s continued involvement throughout the whole of my pregnancy as she is a quintessential part, to not only my health, but my baby as well, and am looking forward to the Prep for delivery duo session with my partner, as he is to be shown how to do the pain relief points for confidence in participation at the delivery.

Kind Regards, 

Andrea Norton