Madeline Bm

Thank you Clare. My sessions with you have given not just me, but my child, and my Husband great support and relief from Hip, shoulder and neck pain, and the release of stress of relationship changes with work and family.

Your therapies have seen me through the preparation of getting this body and mind ready for the birth of my son. My 3rd delivery, but a much less anxious one, than the previous experiences. I love the nurturing support I feel, through your great sensitivity, your healing touch, and  the straightforward clear manner in which you communicate. I feel I have been continually given exactly what I needed with every session and through the beautiful oil blends you have made up for me, I experience continued clarity long after the session and continue to place my prescription blend on every day.

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Kate B

Initially when attended my first session with Clare for Pregnancy and birthing preparation, I had absolutely no idea what to expect.

This is my first pregnancy and my first experience of Natural Health Therapy Reflexology massage.  Although I feel I am open minded, I was a little bit nervous, however started to relax as the first session progressed.

Clare investigated the anxieties she found held in the nerves of my stomach area, associated with motherhood and childbirth. These included some mild fear around childbirth which expressed itself as anxiety about my partner responsibility and being in attendance when I went into labour. I was able to recognise and clear the fear I had that I did not wish to do it alone. There were fears surrounding parenting, this baby and what it entails, as well as the life changes it would involve around work. I love my work and sharing with others at work.

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Andrea Norton

My name is Andrea Norton and I am a Personal Trainer and run my own Fitness business.  I am very into Natural health modalities and I believe in nourishing and treating my body and mind with drug-free options for optimal health.

I received treatments from Clare Nott, during my pregnancy. My experience with Clare and her limitless knowledge and skill have been paramount expanding my awareness in my experience of this my first pregnancy, and wanting it to be both physically and mentally free of stress. Each session supporting me being calm, confident and more valuing of my body's needs and teaching me to listen more to what my body was telling me, I understand better what I was experiencing as energy shifts and imbalances arising as tension..

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