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Massage Therapy

Massage and acupressure along with the other combined therapies of reflexology and vibrational essences can be used to treat chronic pain, acute conditions, stiffness and lethargy. Massage stimulates and regulates the hormonal communication of signals coming to and from the brain and is an effective treatment for depression, anxiousness and anxiety.

A high tolerance to pain, agitation and irritation, are common to today’s experiences of life.  It is the extremely high and constant levels of stress that have become the normal way of operating in most of us, without us being fully aware of it, we just put up with it, but it is affecting us,  not just on a physical and emotional level,  but significantly in the mind, the mental distress, mental agitation and depression becoming the prevailing condition affecting health.  

Massage can help:  Massage is now a recognised for its benefit to health and is an accepted health service. Massage is no longer seen as self indulgent and just a self pampering activity. It has become a vital and necessary therapy for health related issues, including relief from pain, rehabilitation of physical trauma and sporting injuries, Stress reduction, calming of the nerves and digestive balancing.  There are many different types of massage that can be applied to different levels of comfort and awareness.

The type of massage needed to bring comfort, freedom from pain and a greater calmness to the mind, is reflected in the therapist’s skill, sensitivity and understanding of the client’s personal needs. 

‘Massage therapy’ encompasses many different techniques and different levels of soft tissue work, with most therapists using their hands, fingers, forearms and elbows at some time during the treatment in a calm, soothing and safe environment. There are both seated and reclining Massage treatments to suit the client’s needs.

Usually the client lies on a table in a comfortable position and is covered with towels or a sheet and the areas to be worked are uncovered as needed. The application of a combination of specially selected oils, is applied to the specific areas to alleviate the symptom. Pressure points in certain areas and repetitive energy work is done over the source and cause areas where the old past condition has been stored.

Massage helps stimulates and regulates the hormonal communication of signals coming to and from the brain. Massage along with specific reflexology techniques balances the endocrine and nervous systems functions to  the respiratory organs, improving Blood pressure and digestive function and elimination of toxins.

Lymphatic massage with essential oils support a great clearing of toxic buildup in the muscles, nerves and lymph system. Recommendations for hydration and slight changes in diet are given as support for continued elimination of toxins. after your massage.

Natural Health Therapy practice of Massage is gentle, with a firm pressure, placed onto various acupressure points utilised in conjunction with Reflexology techniques. No Deep Tissue is done. The old adage of “No pain No gain” is no longer accepted as beneficial to good health and wellbeing. This type of massage feeds the old beliefs that rely on pain. Deep tissue where the mind reacts to the muscles experience, only feeds pain to the source, an old stored perception or belief from the past. This old concept is usually associated with the subconscious acceptance that life is painful, or Love is the pain.

Massage is recognised as a Safe therapy, where the contra indications are recognised and adhered too.  

Natural Health therapy massage leaves you feeling very clear, with a lightness and deep calmness within having been nurtured at the deepest levels.  Keeping well hydrated after a massage reflexology session is vitally important, as you will be eliminating the toxins for up to the next 4 to 6 hours.


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