The limbic System and the body`s responses create how we feel

The limbic system and why is it important. Our limbic system and the body’s responses create how we see our life, how we feel about everything.

Our emotional responses, our health and capacity to experience Joy, calmness, confidence are interlinked with our emotional view of our life and our relationships.

If our life reflects stress, anxiousness, pain in the body, a deterioration of our relationships, attachment to time, worrying, fear of the future, such qualities come from what is stored in the house, your body, and the mind reflects what is present. This can be changed, how one feels is not set in stone.

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What does Knee pain or Back pain have to do with your Feet?

How can the focus on your feet relieve your aching back.....

When it comes to physical activities, the heaviest burden is born by your feet.  Because of this constant and lifelong duty, your feet can develop certain health issues and show responses to what is happening elsewhere in the body. When observed, the problem areas can be seen and felt in the tissues of your feet and condition of your skin. How to relieve your aching back or sore knees, clear joint stiffness and fluid retention, regain your balance by working on your feet....

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Why do I feel this Pain?

Joint pains, arthritic pain, tendonitis, knee pain, ankle pain, back pain, period pain, migraine pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist pain, soft tissue, ligaments and bone pains, endometriosis, vaginal thrush, warts,  or unexplained odorous discharge, myofibralgia, foot pain, the unusual, unexplained or reoccuring pains, and any chronic physical or acute pain are symptoms that your body and mind are in considerable distress.

Your body and your mind reflect what is happening in your life, both internally and externally.

Your body is constantly trying to make you consciously aware of the level of chemical toxicity that is present in the body, has reached such a level that is exceeding its ability to eliminate. Your body will let you know that degeneration within the body is in progress. You may have been living in high levels of pain and not be consciously aware of it until it comes into a particular area.  Sometimes it will appear as unexplained or mysterious symptoms, but mostly the source of pain giving you the warning, comes from the nerves and through the nerves. Every one of your senses will register your minds actions causing your pain.

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Steps that give a natural Boost to Your Energy Levels? Foods for thought.....


  1. Vegetable Juice. Drinking fresh vegetable juice –encourages a digestive rebalance- this gives relief to your digestive system and allows time for the old undigested foods and toxic fluids to be cleaned out. This action offers your body a lighter intake of nourishment in the form that the body does not have to work so hard to process. Juices allow you to receive the nutrient values from your foods much more quickly and easily.

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