Women’s health and Couples support in fertility health; Family health; pregnancy, childbirth or the parenting responsibilities of rising children in this changing world.

Of greatest help to you and this new little person coming into your world, is to really know yourself, to really like who you are, and understand what really supports you in your experience of this new role. What do you need, to be able to keep a state of calm confidence, a strong faith in yourself when dealing with what arises during your pregnancy and the birthing of your baby? During this period recognise especially as you change hormonally, with the growing of your baby, your relationship with yourself and with others changes also.  With the change in your body, your mind can also goes under a transformation in the way you see life, and how you view love relationships. All these things can have direct influence on your levels of stress, the pain you may experience during this new experience to motherhood. 

To be able to maintain a great enthusiasm, joy and confidence in yours and your partners journey into being new parents, embracing this new experiences, the letting go of any attachments to the past, that eat away at happiness, calmness and contentment, any thinking that undermines your confidence, has to go. The aim is to become calm, confident and try maintaining a feeling of optimism and clarity, with your confidence reflecting a gentle but great inner strength in dealing with whatever may arise throughout the different stages of pregnancy, birthing and postpartum periods. For how you feel, what you think, what you accept and what you reject is what will be given into the body of this new little being, cell by cell. 

How is this done? Have confidence in CHANGE, and what may arise in changing your life from one way of being to another....

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Pregnancy and Thrush

If you are pregnant and have thrush (or think you have thrush) you should see your doctor before starting any treatments.

The use of complementary therapies and specific aromatherapy applications can be a valuable natural method of dealing with this condition along with an adjustment to diet temporarily, until the source of the condition is verified and cleared.

Thrush is treatable during pregnancy, and it’s not uncommon for pregnant women to develop thrush, especially during the third trimester. However, some pharmaceutical anti-thrush medicines, are not advised for pregnant women. Visit your doctor and check any vaginal irritation. The use of natural therapies and specially selected safe essential oils can be used to for this condition.

Antenatal and Postnatal support; postpartum depression; hormonal imbalances

Clearing the fog in the head, allowing much clearer thoughts and straight thinking in decision making, experiencing greater feelings of confidence and enthusiasm for life and what needs to be done.

These therapies offer a practical natural approach to changing the stresses in the body that are reflected and felt by the mind, experiencing calmness, confidence and greater self discipline with gentle, non invasive treatments that are respectful of each individual person's unique needs. These therapies and the support given allows the inner natural feelings of joy and contentment to arise and fill the mind and naturally flow out into your life.


Healing of painful skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, keratosis, acne, and fungal infections often caused by a weakened immune system function, can all be treated with energy medicine, aromatherapy prescription blends and the use of specifically tested foods, nature's bounty as medicine. The use of Natural therapies is of the greatest benefit to a healthy strong immune system function.

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