Prostate Health

Your Prostate health can reflect a connection to what you have learned around giving. Giving to yourself, giving to others, and what is given in maintaining a vibrant attitude to your life and the connection to the essence of life in you - giving and receiving with equalness, without attachment, with gentleness and sensitivity to the needs of others.

Maintaining consciousness while acting in the world; being conscious of what is being given out, especially in the mental state.  What is the mind giving to others, is it free of judgments and criticisms, does the mind supporting being one's true nature, gentleness, courage, contentment, calmness and confidence in freedom from limiting negative thoughts.

True Sexual health is an expression of consciousness, remembering that there is a centre within the human being that is a reservoir of true great Love, the true source of power, is one's true inner Self bringing greatness that beautifies this world, straight out of your great Heart.

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Men's Health

`Until the day arrives when your body says `No more`, you're have long been hurting, it can be mentally, physically and emotionally.

You can no longer ignore the health warnings this amazing machine has been giving you. It may not feel familiar to value and respect a good state of being. But is ignoring it for the sake of a little sincere effort, worth losing everything? To value your mind and body equally; find the time for the beneficial; to exercise regularly, keep on top of healthy food intake and most importantly always think well of yourself, when you feel something is not in a good state, do something about it.

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