Depression and Anxiety

The word depression is used to describe various and sometimes overlapping experiences.

For many people, being depressed means feeling emotions driving them, as in being sad, 'blue', downhearted, disappointed, disillusioned or angry, a person may feel all these experiences without being what is called ‘clinically' depressed.

Clinical depression is denoted by a, physical and cognitive (thinking) state that is intense and long-lasting, having significant and detrimental effects on a person's day-to-day life, a state of being that requires some form of intervention to create a change of condition, and attitude to life.

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

This stress disorder (PTSD) is recognised by and through a set of reactions that can develop in anyone who experiences traumatic events where there is a perceived or actual threat to their life or the life of a loved one, or witnessing of trauma to others.

The trauma can be any form of distressing event, from relationship breakups, job loss, sexual assault, natural disasters, or any form of physical violence, especially any stress that is continued for an indefinite period and can cause the many and varied symptoms reflecting debilitation of physical and mental health.

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Low testosterone levels can bring on osteoporosis in men

This condition of weakening of the bone strength, feeds the unawareness of what is happening in your body..

The trigger for men is the attitude of what they give to their life. It can be hard to give to yourself something that is beneficial to your life, the healthy more beneficial option as opposed to something pleasurable but temporary. Why, because the beneficial action may not be as easily digestible, but it will give long term benefit, contentment, a real sense of peace in the nerves and thus the mind, but the pleasurable is short term, a temporary hit, when it finished, it will leave you with even more discontentment and in more stress than before.

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Prostate issues - Reproductive health

Natural Health Therapy is a therapy that combines several healing modalities for support of balancing Body systems and organ functions. Especially working with all systems affecting the reproductive glands and urinary tract;·       

  • blood in the urine or semen –clearing of the two semi-circular lobes that encircle the urethra     
  • discomfort when urinating—use of oils and essences in specific prescriptions blends, essences supporting understanding and letting go; to stop hanging onto something that is causing the body pain.       
  • decreased libido- is often associated with lymphatic nodes toxicity, liver function, spleen imbalances holding anger, endocrine function, balancing of hormonal chemistry, balancing reproductive tissue, supports your efforts in communicative functions and regaining confidence in just being, letting go discontentment, cleaning out and calming the physical state which is then reflected in the minds state of being.

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