Australian Bush Flower Therapy...

The Bush Flower Essences provide a system of healing that works with the energy and vibrations we have within ourselves and because we are energetic beings and not different to nature, the essences have the capacity to work within us extraordinarily quickly.

An example is towards the end of pregnancy many women become impatient and want the birth over and done with, often from the feeling of being burdened, or the anticipation of having to wait for the pain of delivery.

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How Energy Medicine Works...

The experiences that have been received in the past, and impressions of and from the past learning, is now recognised and proven as being stored in all cells of the body, including DNA, in all mechanisms, the chemical and energy pathways. It is in nerves, fluids, all systems, involved in cellular production and this includes brain activity involved in reproductive cellular activity.

We behave the way we do because that is what we have learned, and the stored trigger is set to enact a repetitive pain filled action, affecting what is sitting within cells in the body.

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