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MASSAGE;  Relaxation Reflexology and Massage; Full back, shoulders, neck head, legs, feet and hands. 60 Mins                                          $85.00 90 Mins                                        $130.00 Special Stress relief Express Massage; Neck, scull, shoulders and arms, hands; 30 Min                                           $45.00 Firming, Toning and Clearing Facial and body Massage; Most popular treatment Includes Feet, head, shoulders back and buttocks; a deep lymphatic cleanse; 90 Mins                                       $ 130.00  Mini Express Facial; Cleanse, Exfoliation, Mask,  moisturizer; 30 Min                                          $45.00. Signature Reflexology Massage; Includes oils; on legs, feet, arms hands, head.  Most popular treatment.   60 Mins                                          $85.00 90 Mins                                       $ 130.00   Lymphatic drainage Massage, full body Detox; Includes reflexology on hands, feet plus oils; 90 Mins                                       $ 130.00   Full body Detox; including kinesiology of best diet support Includes body Massage, reflexology on hands, feet plus oils muscle testing food absorption imbalance plus vitamin and mineral needs. 90 Mins                                       $ 130.00 2 hours                                        $175.00 To enhance your body’s ability of experiencing healthy vitality and freedom from pain, make Natural Health Therapy massage, a part of your health recovery plan.    Personalised Prescriptions for Home application—pure essential oils blends  Cost; $35.00 Personalised Prescriptions for Home application-- Australian bush Flower Essences bottle; $27.00 For Distance Sessions; Notes and Bottled Prescriptions for Postage and handling is charged at Express post;  $11.00 Regular post;  $ 7.50

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